The new Audi e-tron

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Powerful dynamic with electric drive

Two electric motors drive the Audi e-tron powerfully. They quickly accelerate the electric SUV from zero to 100 km/h. The start-off performance is comparable to that of a sports car. The new electric all-wheel drive system provides optimal traction and handling in all driving situations. Thus, the Audi e-tron is not only pracitcal for everyday use, but also very manoeuvrable and agile when driving off-road. The quattro drive can be switched on as required – the results are a situation-specific torque distribution, flexible control of the axle moments and fun to drive on any terrain.

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Smart energy recovery

In addition to manually adjusting the recuperation level with the steering wheel paddles, you can also select automatic mode in the MMI. The predictive efficiency assist then regulates the deceleration as needed and predictively, for example in relation to the route or vehicles in front. You can adapt the deceleration effect by selecting the desired recuperation level via the shift paddles. It remains active until you operate the accelerator pedal again.

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Fast charging

There is generally no need to stop at charging stations during everyday driving. On long trips, such as when going on vacation, customers can use fast charging stations to charge with direct current (DC) at up to 150 kW – a first for series-production automobiles. This means that the Audi e-tron is all set for the next long-distance stretch of a journey in approximately half an hour. The electric SUV can also be recharged with alternating current (AC) at up to 11 kW; recharging with 22 kW is available as an option.

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