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Lexus confirms their first fully electric vehicle

With Hybrid cars accounting for over a quarter of Lexus' total global sales last year, news of the automotive giant making moves towards fully electric vehicles comes as no real surprise.

Alongside sales figures, staying competitive in a world where everyone is moving towards electric vehicles will have always been at the back of the manufacturer's minds.

According to AutoNews, Lexus President Yoshihiro Sawa revealed that an electric model is on its way, and is going to be sold in Europe and China.

With strict emissions regulations in both markets, and considering how many luxury EVs are already on sale, Lexus has to act quickly. But despite this time restraint, an official time frame wasn't provided.

"Definitely here we need an EV in the future, but I cannot say when or how," Sawa said at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

Sawa remained tight-lipped around which model was going to undergo the electric conversion, but Lexus may have already let that slip. Just a few months ago, a trademark 'the UX300e' was registered with the European Intellectual property Office — which leads us to believe that it is going to be the mid-sized UX.

With the Hybrid C-HR available in other markets, and Toyota unveiling the fully electric version at the same show earlier this month, Lexus' UX conversion comes as no real surprise

What is a surprise is Lexus' latest moves in the minivan market, announcing two new models during the event in China. With a focus on luxury and comfort, a rebadged version of the Toyota Alphard is destined to go on sale in two trim levels, the LM 350 and LM 300h. The 350 will receive a 3.5-litre petrol V6, while the other will feature a hybrid powertrain.