The Essence of Z-ness

Since joining Nissan in 1978, Haruo Yuki, has created approximately 60 major clay models ranging from sedans to minivans. His latest work of art is the striking all-new Z.

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Extended family

Fulfilling a dual-purpose role for more buyers than ever before, the once-humble work ute has evolved into the ultimate family lifestyle vehicle.

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Nissan Z Proto points way forward to all-new Z coupe

Nissan has signalled its intent to launch an all-new generation of the iconic Z car. The Z Proto concept coupe gives us our clearest picture yet of what the next Nissan sportscar could look like.

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Nissan turns out a new Leaf

With a drivetrain inspired by the physics-defying GT-R sports car, the Ariya will join the Leaf, which is the world’s most popular electric vehicle, in Nissan’s growing zero emission line-up.

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The New Nissan Juke

All-new Nissan Juke lands in NZ

The all-new Nissan Juke has landed in New Zealand, with updated looks and equipment, but still retaining the unique character that ensured its disruptor status among small SUVs when it first launched.

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