Lamborghini reveal Huracan successor's powerplant

May 22, 2024

While the name of Lamborghini Huracán's replacement remains under wraps, exciting details about its plug-in hybrid powertrain have been revealed.

The successor, code-named Lamborghini 634, will abandon the iconic naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V-10 engine in favor of a technologically cutting-edge twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 paired with three electric motors.

Lamborghini describes the new flat-plane-crank V-8 as a clean-sheet design, aiming to surpass the performance of the outgoing V10. Although full technical specifications have not been released, some details have been release that are enough to make us excited.

The new 4.0-liter V8 boasts a frankly absurd redline of 10,000 rpm, a significant increase from the Huracán's 8500 rpm limit. This new engine delivers 739 horsepower between 9000 and 9750 rpm, and 731Nm of torque between 4000 and 7000 rpm. In comparison, the Huracán’s mightiest V10 variant produced 631 horsepower and 565Nm of torque.

Lamborghini's approach to the 634's hybrid system likely mirrors the 1001-hp Revuelto plug-in hybrid. This setup includes two electric motors on the front axle, allowing for torque vectoring during power delivery and regenerative braking. A third electric motor, situated between the V8 and the eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (also used in the Revuelto), has been optimized for the new model. This rear e-motor, incorporating the inverter and axial electric unit, generates 148 horsepower and 221 pound-feet of torque.

As for the car’s official name, rumors have mentioned "Temerario," but Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has confirmed that the new model will bear the name of a fighting bull, staying true to tradition. Set to debut later this year, the Huracán successor will join Lamborghini’s expanding electric lineup, which already includes the Revuelto and the plug-in-hybrid Urus SE.

This new model marks a significant step in Lamborghini's evolution, blending electrification with their iconic performance and design.