Kia reveal EV6 facelift

May 15, 2024

Kia have lifted the covers on the new and improved EV6. It promises a sharper design, larger battery, and improved dynamics.

The front-end has been updated to bring the EV9 inline with Kia’s current design language, most obviously seen in the thin and angular DRLs which give it a striking look at the front. The bumpers at both ends of the car have also been tweaked, along with new wheel options being offered.

There have been updates to the inside of the EV6 to go with the exterior tweaks. The infotainment software has been updated to Kia’s latest, bringing along wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with it, and you can now start the car with a fingerprint scanner.

Battery capacity has been increased to 84kWh from the 77kWh of the previous generation.

The EV6’s suspension has also been adjusted, allowing for a comfier and more dynamic ride.