Lamborghini unveils electric concept: The Lanzador

Lamborghini has unveiled its groundbreaking concept car, the Lanzador, at Monterey Car Week.

Aug 25, 2023

Serving as a preview of the company's fourth upcoming model set for 2028, the Lanzador is a pivotal element of Lamborghini's Direzione Cor Tauri strategy aimed at electrification and decarbonization, first outlined in 2021.

The Lanzador introduces an innovative Gran Turismo 2+2 design, blending rebellious and futuristic aesthetics with Lamborghini's distinct DNA of charisma and sportiness. This concept targets a tech-forward customer base and signifies the emergence of the "Ultra GT" car segment. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Automobili Lamborghini, emphasized the concept's role in offering an unparalleled Lamborghini driving experience powered by groundbreaking technologies.

The car boasts dual electric motors, enabling all-wheel drive and peak power exceeding one megawatt. Drivers can actively adjust control systems while driving, creating personalized profiles for a tailored driving experience. Lamborghini's advanced control system, Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI), offers unparalleled customization for drivers, setting new standards for concept and production vehicles alike.

Active Aerodynamics enhances the Lanzador's performance by efficiently managing airflow in different driving modes. The car's adaptable nature is reinforced by a steerable rear axle, air suspension, and swift on-the-road adjustments via steering wheel controls.

Inside, the Lanzador's futuristic ambiance aligns with Lamborghini's "Feel like a pilot" philosophy. The driver-centric layout houses an ergonomic control panel for real-time behavior adjustments. Sustainable materials like merino wool and regenerated carbon fiber dominate the interior, demonstrating Lamborghini's commitment to luxury and eco-consciousness.

Lanzador marks Lamborghini's commitment to electrify its vehicle lineup, reducing CO2 emissions and embracing sustainability. While charting a course toward electrification, Lamborghini remains faithful to its performance, innovation, and design prowess, maintaining its stature as a luxury automotive leader.