Interior Of Aston Martin's Valhalla Revealed

Aston Martin have shown the interior configuration of their next ‘special model’ Supercar, the Valhalla.

Sep 22, 2022

The cockpit is sparse, but that is to ensure the focus remains on driving.

Following its North American debut last year in Pebble Beach, Aston Martin have followed up by sharing exciting development updates to its latest supercar project, Valhalla at the Monterey show this year.

The hybrid supercar was proudly displayed at Aston Martin Club 1913 for the first time with a revised concept of its driver-focused interior; offering an interactive space for prospective owners to test the vehicle’s unique seating position and F1 inspired overall ergonomics.

While no official information has been shared, the imagery speaks for itself and suggests we are looking at a final version of the cockpit configuration.

It’s sparse, but that’s exactly as it should be says Aston Martin chief creative officer Marek Reichman who said a "pure" cockpit design was favoured to keep the focus on driving and that the car borrowed from Aston Martin’s Formula One programme mirroring an F1-style seating position, where the hip point is below the resting point of the driver's heels.

Meanwhile the acres of hand-laid carbon fibre that make up the monocoque cockpit and black suede upholstery was accented with a shock of vibrant green stitching and aluminium switchgear.

The squared-off steering wheel also points to the brand’s F1 pedigree and, formed ergonomically and painstakingly from carbon fibre is as much a piece of automotive art as it is a functional part of the cabin.

And as minimal as the layout is, Aston Martin are still ensuring today’s driver is well catered for in terms of creature comforts and safety features. Full LED Matrix headlights with adaptive functionality and high-beam assist deliver excellent forward vision in the dark, and Dual Zone Air Conditioning provides high level of occupant comfort.

In order to comply with the latest regulatory requirements, Valhalla also incorporates the latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. These include Auto Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Active Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear View Parking Camera (with Surround View option).

If you’re taken by the interior styling, you may want to make yourself known to Aston Martin, as just 999 examples of the Valhalla will be made. But you will be assured something that defines the mastery of driving: combining intense performance and pinpoint dynamics for unprecedented driver involvement and driving experience.

Valhalla features a bespoke twin-turbo flat-plane V8 engine mated with twin e-motors to create a 950PS (937hp) hybrid powertrain. A true, ultra-luxury, exclusive, British Supercar.