Tudor watches seeks world cycling dominance

Swiss watch brand has created a pro cycling team to contest the most challenging cycle events in the world.

The alignment with cycling is true to the brand’s Born to Dare philosophy that has seen collaborations with the All Blacks and David Beckham.

Tudor watches and Swiss cycling legend Fabian Cancellara are joining forces to summit the top level of international cycling with a new team. Tudor’s signature is #Borntodare, it tells the story of the watchmaking vision of the brand’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, and how that vision was brought to life… daringly.

The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will embody this distinctly daring perspective, combining TUDOR’s no-compromise attitude and history of innovation with Cancellara’s unparalleled experience and vision.

At the core of the vision is a human-centric approach to cycling, a sport known for its punishing physical and psychological challenges. Tudor and Cancellara envision a team motivated by pushing themselves to be better every single day, facing their fears, and daring to go beyond perceived limits.

Performance is the ultimate measure of success, but how you get to the finish line matters just as much as when you get there. Guided by Cancellara, The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will develop a roster of skilled cyclists who embody these ideals, shared values, and team spirit, going well beyond the current field of known competitors.

The sleek black jerseys of The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will be adorned with simple red Tudor shields on front and back.

The focus will be on the athletes, their pursuit of success, and the road that lies ahead of them. Likewise, the team’s equipment will be based on the expertise of Swiss cycling companies, including the team’s main technical partner, BMC premium bikes. There will be no mistaking who this team is and who they ride for.

As with all good things, it will take time for The Tudor Pro Cycling Team to reach its full potential of capturing podiums in the world’s greatest cycling races. However, the journey begins with the very first Tudor Pro Cycling Team taking their saddles for the Paris-Roubaix U23 race on May 15, 2022.

The team will continue to compete in the UCI Continental class for the remainder of the 2022 season, setting the tone for what lies ahead.

From there, the team will apply and gear up for the 2023 UCI ProTeam season with the goal of qualifying for the world’s most famous and prestigious races by the 2024 season.

The Tudor Pro Cycling Team will also maintain a development structure for scouting and training the next generation of cyclists.


Alex Baudin (France, 22)

  • Nils Brun (Switzerland, 22)
  • Aloïs Charrin (France, 22)
  • Filippo Colombo (Switzerland, 25)
  • Robin Donzé (Switzerland, 20)
  • Ruben Eggenberg (Switzerland, 22)
  • Sean Flynn (Great Britain, 22)
  • Robin Froidevaux (Switzerland, 24)
  • Petr Kelemen (Czech Republic, 22)
  • Jakob Klahre (Switzerland, 21)
  • Lorenzo Rinaldi (Italy, 19)
  • Arnaud Tendon (Switzerland, 20)
  • Loris Trastour (France, 21)
  • Alex Vogel (Switzerland, 23)
  • Yannis Voisard (Switzerland, 24)
  • Fabian Weiss (Switzerland, 20)

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