New Lexus RX Confirmed For New Zealand

The fifth generation RX takes the Lexus Driving Signature and next-generation Lexus design to a whole new level

Jun 3, 2022

The RX will be Hybrid only in New Zealand and will boast an all new advanced all-wheel drive system

Lexus has globally revealed the fifth generation RX, the brand’s most popular SUV locally, selling 2632 units in New Zealand since its launch in 2003. The latest generation Lexus RX is all new from the ground up, with the next generation Lexus design adopted to give a planted stance that evokes dynamic performance.

The captivating design, alongside the new "Lexus Driving Signature" has been evolved giving a much more engaging, dynamic ride while maintaining the luxury and high level of quietness that are the origins of the Lexus brand.

Lexus New Zealand General Manager Andrew Davis says the fifth generation RX is an exciting addition to the local range, with the latest in styling, technology, electrification, and luxury comfort.

“The RX is a core model in our line-up that has already made a large contribution to our goal of being 100 percent electrified by 2030,” says Andrew.

“We have been waiting with anticipation for the all-new RX, and this model meets the needs of a lot of existing and new customers with the towing capability for your weekend activities, while still being a Lexus at heart with the comfort and technology to match.”

The new RX will offer a diverse lineup of powertrains focused on meeting customers’ needs. In addition to a new high-performance RX 500h (2.4-litre turbocharged inline-four hybrid electric), the lineup includes the RX 350h (2.5-litre inline-four hybrid electric) delivering low fuel consumption and an exhilarating driving feel. The all-new RX will be available with an all-wheel drive drivetrain only.

Following its development for the forthcoming RZ battery electric SUV, the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive force system using electrification technology has been added to the new RX 500h F SPORT Performance. This precise four-wheel drive control works in conjunction with a newly developed hybrid system to maximise the front and rear wheel grip and to control vehicle posture while driving.

“With DIRECT4, drivers will notice an invigorating, direct, and torque-filled driving experience,” says Andrew.

Based on the electrification vision "Lexus Electrified" announced in 2019, Lexus is aiming for a significant improvement in fundamental performance using electrification technologies and provide practical electrified vehicle solutions such as HEVs and PHEVs.

“By 2030, we will achieve a full lineup of BEVs in all categories, and by 2035, we aim to sell 100% BEVs globally, contributing to a future carbon-neutral society,” Andrew says.

The interior of the new RX is based on the Tazuna concept, a design philosophy where the driver is

intuitively connected with their car via a deeper driver’s seat to better concentrate on driving, while still creating a spacious, open interior that encompasses all the passengers.

For the exterior design, Lexus takes on the challenge of creating a unique identity using the "spindle body",

which provides ample cooling functionality with a powerful design style that conveys the new driving experience.

With the new RX, the Lexus Driving Signature evolves by thoroughly refining the vehicle fundamentals,

such as the centre of gravity, inertia properties, weight reduction, and chassis rigidity. Focus has also been placed on improving the refined ride quality and quietness that are the hallmarks of Lexus.