Sarah Holden, stance on sustainability and the Audi e-tron GT.

Feb 24, 2022

Sustainability consultant and director of Oxygen Consulting "who said sustainability wasn't fun!"

Sarah Holden is a sustainability consultant and Director at Oxygen Consulting. Picking up the new Audi e-tron GT from Giltrap Audi, Sarah mentions "thank you for such an excellent handover - as always, the Giltrap experience is exceptional!" 

"The Etron GT is phenomenal and I am so looking forward to the driving adventures ahead and the brand alignment for Oxygen Consulting...who said sustainability wasn't fun! 

The GT takes it to new levels.  I was doing some reading about the GT's sustainability and really impressed at what has evolved since the Etron 55 - the entire production of the GT is carbon neutral and there's been a lot of consideration put into using recycled materials in the interiors (e.g. seat backs - Dinamica, 70% recycled nylon from plastic bottles, floor mats - Econyl, 100% recycled from production waste).  There's increasing closed loop processes happening at the factory level as well, for example the aluminium sheet offcuts from the side wall frame of the GT are sent back to the supplier to be recycled back to Audi. And polymer waste from the A6 and A7 assembly is turned into filaments and 3D printed into assembly aids, about 100 of which are used in assembling the GT. Production was planned using no prototypes - entirely VR, and even the freighting of GTs (within factory and to sites) is on electric or biogas powered trucks!

"We are seeing a lot more scrutiny now on businesses to lift their game on sustainability, so while the points above may not be the initial things you would sell the GT on (let's face it, how about that drive experience and how it actually looks first up!), it is awesome to have in the back pocket the equal level of consideration that has gone into the overall sustainability of the vehicle - raising the bar on what is possible and proactively addressing the growing corporate, consumer and regulatory expectations in this space.  As always, Audi cutting no corners to address these thing thoroughly and in and understated way, thinking through the solutions before they become a problem.

Certainly great alignment to the work we do with our clients at Oxygen Consulting and the Etron (both 55 and GT) epitomise the outcomes we are seeking to achieve through our working with them - excellence and optimum performance on all fronts.  I feel very lucky to be able to snap up such a classy and sustainable vehicle!"


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