Perfectly In Tune - The Bentley Orchestra

Bentley continues their tradition of creative Christmas celebrations, with its own, unique version of The Nutcracker, created entirely from sounds of the Bentley workshop.

Dec 20, 2022

A version of that Christmas classic, The Nutcracker like no other – created entirely from the sounds of the various skilled engineers and craftspeople at work in the Bentley factory. 

From the snip of leather scissors to the hum of the sewing machines, many of the unique sounds from Bentley’s carbon neutral factory have been utilised to produce the new version of this Christmas classic. 

Other sounds from this blend of traditional skills and modern technology include wheel nut guns, paint sprayers, electric windows being tested, doors opening and closing, and the many parts of a Bentley being slotted, screwed and stitched into place.

At first light we hear birds singing over the solar panels of the factory and to conclude, there’s a contribution from the sound that warms every engineer and craftsperson’s heart – the roar of the kettle and the tinkle of a teaspoon in a mug.