Lotus Emira - NZ First Drive Video

This time the beginning of the end is something fantastic. Lotus could not have created a finer farewell to internal combustion

Aug 8, 2022

Welcome to Lotus’ latest automotive peep show, where you are given an x-ray view of the mechanics that help the all-new Emira perform its tricks. The gear shift and throttle linkage add a visual aspect to the uncensored experience that Lotus does best.

For all the naked delights – the Emira offers a new experience for Lotus, an interior that is entirely…and finely dressed. Often described as a baby supercar, the Emira is not at all tiny, but it is seriously good-looking…, even dramatic from some angles. This is largely thanks to touches of the Evija hyper car; the cut-outs – ducts – the rear arches. As a result, in the flesh, it is a genuine head-turner.

It’s not only the interior spec, but the old Lotus ‘less-is-more’ mantra is not followed under the rear deck, where a 3.5-litre supercharged v6 sounds like a wild banshee when the blower winds up, turns out 300kW or 400bhp; delivering 0-100km/h in 4.3 seconds.

The Emira is the distillation of everything Lotus has built up to now and it really is the end of an era: the last petrol-powered production car from Hethel. It delivers everything a Lotus should on the road, combined with a new level of refinement, and I’d go as far as calling it the best-looking (road-going) Lotus yet.

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