Valhalla makes flying visit to Auckland

The stunning Aston Martin Valhalla concept touched down briefly in New Zealand recently, giving local media the opportunity to see the iconic performance brand’s next generation mid-engined road racer.

The 698kW Valhalla will reach a top speed of 350km/h and will complete the 0-100km/h sprint in just 2.5 seconds.

Kiwi media enjoyed the fleeting opportunity to see the Aston Martin Valhalla concept up close during March, as the special design study stopped off at Aston Martin Auckland enroute to the Melbourne where it was set to make an appearance at the Formula One Australian Grand Prix.

The Valhalla design study vehicle – which Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman describes as “95 percent production ready” – foreshadows a series production driver-focused mid-engined hybrid supercar.

The Valhalla is a vehicle designed to broaden the Aston Martin model portfolio to reflect Aston Martin’s presence in Formula One, set best-in-class standards for performance, dynamics and driving pleasure, and drive the transition from internal combustion to hybrid to full electric powertrains.

“When we created the Valhalla concept, we were keen to emphasise the design legacy of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and that intent remains unchanged,” said Reichman at the supercar’s original unveiling. “Though the legacy of Valkyrie is clear, Valhalla is now a more mature, fully resolved piece of design. One which combines the pure aerodynamic function you would expect from a marque competing in Formula One together with the beautiful form, striking proportions and exemplary detailing for which Aston Martin is renowned.”

Built with chassis, aerodynamic and electronics expertise forged in Formula One, and a cutting-edge hybrid powertrain technology at its heart, Aston Martin says the Valhalla is a formidable technological showcase.


At the beating heart of the Valhalla is its PHEV powertrain featuring three separate motors. A rear-mid-mounted 4.0-litre twin-turbo bespoke V8 engine sends drive exclusively to the rear axle. The most advanced, responsive, and highest performing V8 engine ever fitted to an Aston Martin), it will rev to 7200rpm and develops 551kW.


Supplementing the new V8 engine is a 150kW/400V battery hybrid system utilising a pair of E-Motors; one mounted on the front axle and the other on the rear axle.

The electric system contributes a further 150kW for a combined power output of 698kW. When driven in EV mode, battery power is directed exclusively to the front axle. In other driving modes battery power is split between front and rear axles, the percentage sent to each axle constantly varies according to driving demands. In certain situations, 100% of battery power can be sent to the rear axle, supplementing the full force of the V8 for maximum performance.

Thanks to the instantaneous torque from the E-Motors, the hybrid system augments the V8 engine to deliver sensational standing start acceleration and in-gear response. Outright performance is further aided by the E-Motor and V8 being able to run different gears in the 8-speed DCT transmission simultaneously, which enables maximum torque delivery of 1000Nm.

Unleashing all 698kW the Valhalla will reach a top speed of 350km/h and will complete the 0-100km/h sprint in just 2.5 seconds.


Representing the next generation Aston Martin road racer, designed around the driver, for the driver and built to be enjoyed, it is anticipated that 999 Valhallas will be produced ensuring exclusivity.

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