Rise above

While it remains a distinctly premium alternative to commercial flying, chartered aviation or privative aircraft ownership is on the rise.

Apr 26, 2022

It’s a space dominated by the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer, Textron Aviation, and the latest turboprop offering from Beechcraft promises an attractive blend of practicality, luxury, and technology.

The all-new Beechcraft Denali turboprop is an ideal domestic travel aircraft that will unquestionably appeal to aviation operators looking to service affluent tourists.

But this latest clean-sheet turboprop design from Beechcraft also presents an accessible foray into private aircraft ownership for those able to consider this exciting option.

Powered by a time-honoured single-engine turboprop configuration, and in this configuration boasting a (typical load of 4 passengers and 1 pilot) range of 1,600 nautical miles (or 2,900km), the new Beechcraft Denali combines style, utility and performance.  Its superior operating range makes city pairs like Wellington and Nadi, as well as Christchurch and Noumea, within easy reach.

At its heart is the very latest in turboprop engine technology. The efficient and powerful GE Catalyst turbine engine outputs 1,300 shaft horsepower, ensuring longer adventures while using less fuel. The Catalyst engine is the world’s first turboprop engine with 3D-printed parts: additive manufacturing is used for producing complex components that would otherwise require hundreds of individual production hours for extra parts.

This lower part count reduces fuel burn and weight. With fewer seams and tighter tolerances than more complex engines, the Catalyst engine offers superior durability and a maximum cruise speed in excess of 500km/h. The powerplant sets new standards in its segment for performance, efficiency, space, and comfort.

The Beechcraft Denali turboprop is fully pressurised and can fly above the weather similar at flight levels similar to regional jets.  With space for 8 to 11 occupants, the cabin affords passengers the space and conveniences you would typically find on a midsize business jet. It features the largest cabin in its class with spacious executive seating, a forward refreshment centre and natural light filling the cabin through large windows. The opulently appointed interior can also be specified with an optional externally serviceable belted lavatory.

Practicality has been a huge focus in the design of the Denali. As a result, passengers can easily bring aboard bulkier items like mountain bikes or ski equipment, thanks to a large cargo door measuring over 1.3m tall and wide to facilitate easy loading. Overhead there’s a full height baggage compartment and additional smaller items can be stored in the nose of the craft.

Within the cockpit, the Denali turboprop is equipped as standard with industry-leading Garmin G3000 avionics and auto throttle functionality. Its ergonomic flight deck includes touchscreen controllers, 14-inch displays, synthetic vision technology and FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) for enhanced responsiveness and simplified flying for pilots. A single power lever commands the engine and propeller, providing more automation and reducing pilot workload.

Pilots and occupants can fly with confidence thanks to the huge amount of cutting-edge technology onboard, including Synthetic Vision Technology, twin touchscreen control panels, Dual Garmin FMS with Dual WAAS-Enabled GPS Receivers for Navigation, Weather Avoidance Radar, Terrain Avoidance Warning System (TAWS-B), the Garmin Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS I), Enhanced Automatic Flight Control System, Dual Attitude Heading Reference System and Dual Air Data Computers.

Textron Aviation has delivered more than 250,000 aircraft during its 90-year history, with products exceeding 150 million turbine flight hours in over 170 countries. The manufacturer can offer advanced product and flight training and prides itself on its superior 24-hour parts and service offering around the world.

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