All in a Day’s Work

A responsive approach, an energetic mindset and plenty of good old fashioned hard work ensures trusted estate agent, Kane Taylor of Ray White Eden Terrace, has time for every client and gets the results they want.

Apr 22, 2022

With the frenetic pace of the current property market, a good estate agent needs to stay active and ahead of the game. Top-performer Kane Taylor takes fast pace to a new level. His work disciplines were forged in the pressure cooker environments of both international motorsport and superyachting, so a full schedule is Kane’s happy place.

“In both racing and superyachting, there’s always a million things happening,” he says. “You’re always thinking of solutions and you’re always on your toes. It sounds crazy but having been immersed in that adrenaline-fuelled environment for most of my life, being busy is the feeling that I get up for every morning.”

Kane does stress, however, that there is a big difference between being busy and being so busy that you’re disorganised and unavailable. And that difference is what clients should be keenly aware of when engaging an estate agent.

“Filling my day efficiently and maintaining a pace that keeps me alert and open to new conversations as they present themselves benefits my clients,” he says. “I’m not flustered by a full workload, instead I acknowledge it as an opportunity.”

Routine is key and Kane’s day starts early. His daily ritual kicks off with a pre-dawn gym session and he often schedules early morning meetings before heading to his Mt Eden office.

“Being responsive to your client’s schedule is the mark of a hard-working agent. My clients have jobs, families, busy lives. So, if I can meet with them outside of office hours, it makes things easier for both of us and I’m happy to make that happen.”

And that’s exactly the service Kane provided for his clients who recently sold their beautifully renovated home in Eden Terrace (as pictured).  Kane offered consultancy outside the standard nine-to-five and made sure his clients took full advantage of Team TaylorMade’s marketing package to ensure they targeted and attracted high-quality buyers.

The package included professional photography, appropriate staging, and, of course, an agent with a clear and current understanding of the local market who worked with them and delivered an outstanding result.

A strong local community presence is also the signature of a good agent and Kane is a familiar face to many local businesses. He often winds down a typical day at a neighborhood watering hole and each month hosts Saturday morning coffee and property advice sessions.  

Kane strongly believes in assisting others in their personal and professional pursuits. In addition to mentoring his own sales team, Kane co-founded Yachties of New Zealand: an organisation designed to promote and streamline careers in the international superyacht industry, providing useful, trustworthy consultation during and after working offshore.

Kane is very much a hands-on, always-on operator, and judging by his impressive track record he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m fortunate enough to meet and work with some amazing people in this profession. Many have become friends and, while I like to keep myself busy, it never feels like a chore. I’ll slow down one day, but I hope that day is a long way off.”