Mitch Evans on Formula E | Giltrap TV

That the 2021 Formula E Championship is Jaguar Racing’s most successful season to date, is of little consolation to Mitch Evans.

Sep 3, 2021

Three weeks on from the Berlin finale, which the 27 year old kiwi calls a ‘Dark day’ he says, “I’m still hurting, and it will take a long time to get over this.”

A third place in the penultimate race, had Evans in the box-seat to claim the World Championship with a second-row spot on the grid. His title rivals well down the order, Evans from 4th in the championship was the man to beat.

A technical issue that his team have still not been able to uncover, caused his race car to stall on the start-line before fellow title contender Edo Mortara, unsighted, collided with the stricken Jaguar.

Mitch perfectly summed up the situation to Giltrap TV “I’m gutted.”