Standard Issue creating timeless knitwear

Well-known New Zealand knitwear brand, Standard Issue, has embraced transparency and sustainability in the crafting of all its garments, including the recently revealed spring/summer 2021 line.

The Auckland-based company says that, along with consideration to the environmental impact of manufacturing, functionality and longevity of its products are equally imperative.

Showcasing an innovative approach to new season styles, Standard Issue releases all of its garments in limited production runs, making purely to orders received from retail partners and a carefully curated online collection.

Founded in New Zealand in the 1980’s, Standard Issue says it has a passion for producing the very best, timeless and enduring knitwear available.

Crafted with care in its Auckland workroom where sustainable design is at the heart of everything it does, each part of the Standard Issue brand DNA continues to inspire new designs. In the design and production of each garment the company also says it considers environmental impact, aesthetic, functionality, and longevity.

Standard Issue says it believes it is their responsibility to leave the land better for future generations. With all garments made in-house, they are proud to have full control over every aspect of production and use sustainable, innovative practices to achieve a zero-waste chain for the complete lifecycle of each garment.

The four key steps they take toward achieving a zero-waste lifecycle are making sure to select only 100% renewable or recycled natural fibres that have a low environmental impact, utilising knitting technology to create seamless garments free of waste, repurposing offcuts in partnership with a New Zealand based textile recycling company, only releasing new range items in limited production runs so to prevent against unnecessary production, wasteful manufacture, and over-supply.

Standard Issue says its dedication to protecting the environmental footprint of each garment created goes beyond the workroom. They take responsibility for the complete lifecycle of each and every garment, through their Care for Life program. This is Standard Issue’s promise to work alongside their customers to either renew, reuse, or repurpose a treasured knit with a complete, circular life cycle in mind.

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