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The Corvette is a nameplate founded on heritage with over 60 years reigning supreme as the world’s most commercially successful and popular sportscar.

Despite that dominance, right hand drive markets haven’t been high on General Motors’ agenda for their flagship. Subsequently it has not been readily available in New Zealand… but that is about to change.

We’re entering into an exciting new era of General Motors Special Vehicles and naturally the model we’re fizzing most about is the new generation mid-engine Corvette C8, which will be available as a right-hook supercar here in New Zealand.

Awarded Motor Trend’s car of the year 2020, the C8 represents the most significant step forward in Corvette development in the vehicle’s illustrious career to date.

The new Corvette is the first-ever production version in mid-engine configuration. It is also the fastest, most powerful entry-level Corvette ever, offering new standards of performance, technology, and craftsmanship.

The Corvette’s exterior is bold and futuristic with exotic mid-engine proportions, but it’s still unmistakably a Corvette. It’s lean and muscular, with an athletic shape conveying a sense of motion and power – even at standstill. General Motors has adopted the best details from Europe and put their own unmistakably American touches to the Corvette. And they stand up well.

It has added some European sophistication to the ride and handling package as well, most notably that new mid-engine layout ensures the Corvette's better weight distribution, with the rear weight bias enhancing performance in a straight line and on the track. The car’s engineers have also suggested it will exhibit better responsiveness and a more immediate sense of control due to driver positioning closer to the front axle, almost on top of the front wheels.

At its heart is Chevy’s next-generation 6.2-litre Small Block V8 LT2 engine. Yes, it’s a little old school; in fact, it is the only naturally aspirated V8 in the segment. But that may also make it the most characterful, with a baritone grumble that we adore. It also leaves room for high horsepower forced induction models at some point down the line.

Not that the base Corvette is left wanting for power. Producing 369kW peak power and 637Nm of torque when equipped with the performance exhaust option, the C8 offers up the most horsepower and torque for any entry-level Corvette. The all-new supercar’s LT2 engine is also paired with Chevrolet’s first eight speed dual-clutch transmission.

Like any poster-worthy sportscar, the new location of the engine is the focal point for the Corvette’s design and is visible through the large rear hatch window.

Much like the General Motor proposition in this part of the world, the new ‘Vette embraces the philosophy of the past but is equally focussed on re-invention. A mid-engined, rear drive V8 supercar with the economy of scale only a volume manufacturer like General Motors can offer, is an exciting way forward for the brand.

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