Porsche Celebrates 25 Years of the Boxter

For 25 years the Boxster has been synonymous with unbridled driving pleasure. Thanks to the exceptional agility of its mid-engined layout, every corner brings on the feeling of being forever young.

When the Boxster first conquered the streets in 1996, it amazed with its tremendous thirst for freedom. With its light and agile design, it conjured p memories of mid-engined race cars, such as the 550 Spyder and 718 RS 60 Spyder – and with them, the sports car dreams of the 50s and 60s. It has repeatedly redefined the feeling of open-top driving. In addition to the name ‘Boxster’, which is made from combining ‘Boxer’ and ‘Roadster’, the idea has remained unchanged to this day: with high agility thanks to the mid-engined layout, two seats, two luggage compartments, a horizontally opposed engine with a low centre of gravity and direct responsiveness.

As such, we don’t celebrate this anniversary model with long speeches and tributes. Rather the rich sound of its powerful flat-six engine producing 294 kW (400 PS). Limited to 1,250 examples, the Boxster 25 years rises to this special occasion with a range of references to the Porsche heritage. These include air intakes in the contrasting colour Neodyme and 20-inch two-tone wheels.

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