New Bentayga Hybrid

Bentley embraces sustainable future with new Bentayga Hybrid

Bentley has unveiled the new Bentayga Hybrid – the first of two PHEV hybrid models set to join the global Bentley model line-up during 2021. 

The electrically assisted engineering in the new Bentayga Hybrid means a combined range of 862km is achievable, with almost 50km of range available in pure electric drive mode (NEDC). Feedback from customers suggests the majority of daily commutes for many falls within the parameters of the electric-only drive range. 

The new Bentayga Hybrid is powered by an electric motor paired with a 3.0-litre twin-scroll turbo V6 petrol engine, delivering 330kW combined power and 700Nm of torque. 

Bentley is taking the next step on its journey to a sustainable future with the launch of the new Bentayga Hybrid luxury SUV; a model Bentley predicts will become the best-selling member of the new Bentayga family. 

Following the recent launches of the Bentayga V8 and Bentayga Speed, the new Bentayga Hybrid becomes the third model in the most successful luxury SUV portfolio the segment has ever seen. 

New exterior and interior design elements emphasise Bentley design DNA across the entire model range, giving Bentley a freshmodern family of luxury vehicles. 

The new Bentayga Hybrid offers the ultimate in electric luxury, with smooth and silent progress through urban environments, whilhaving the grand touring capability to escape the city and explore further.  

Customers of the Bentayga Hybrid can escape the city in refinedacoustically isolated serenity without engine interference, using up to 49km of electric-only range (as tested under the New European Driving Cycle, or NEDC, regime), before physically leaving the city behind with the comfort of an impressive total combined range of 862km (NEDC). 

Delivering the same level of comfort and luxury, yet with a quieter and more refined driving experience, the Bentayga Hybrid brings a selection of new technologies and connected car services, positioning the new product as the most technically advanced Bentayga to date. 

Introducing the very latest on-board technology and an even more cosseting cabin, the new Bentayga is significantly revised both inside and out from the previous generation. 

Subtle exterior badging complements the new Bentayga’s exterior design now prevalent across the entire model range, giving Bentley the freshest and most modern product family of any luxury car company. 

Bentley’s UK-based research shows over 90% of customers use their first-generation Bentayga Hybrid on a daily basis or several times a week, and nearly 100of customers use EV mode, with half of them consistently undertaking journeys of less than 50km. 

In real world terms, the majority of journeys can be achieved completely in electric mode only, with zero emissions, delivering more benefits environmentally and building on Bentley’s reputation for increased sustainability for the future. 

17.3 kWh lithium battery consisting of 168 individual cells with an expected life of 100,000 miles or eight years and can be charged to 100in as little as two and a half hours (region specific). The power electronics convert the energy stored from the high voltage battery to supply the Bentley E Motor or supplement the existing 12v vehicles electrical infrastructure. 

Conversion of stored energy into smooth, effortless performance is via the 94kW E Motor which can produce up to 350Nm of torque. The E Motor is housed within the transmission between the gearbox and internal combustion engine and can deliver full torque instantaneously from stationary, providing silent and rapid vehicle acceleration. 

A 3.0 litre twin-scroll turbocharged V6 engine supplements the E Motor when additional torque is required or when speeds above 135km/h are requested. To warn pedestrians of the vehicle’s near silent movement, a dedicated speaker emits an exterior sound at low speeds. 

The Bentayga Hybrid not only has different drive modes but can also use the information stored via the Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Navigation system to achieve the absolute best efficiency, via feedback through the throttle pedal. 

The Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Accelerator Pedal provides a pressure point when in EV Drive to denote the boundary between pure electric and hybrid power. This encourages the driver to stay in EV Drive for as long as possible but can also be disabled if required. 

Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Braking blends seamless integration of braking between the E Motor and conventional hydraulic braking, to provide a conventional feel to the brake pedal for comfort and the driving experience while maximising recuperation of energy. 

A dedicated button allows control over the three E Modes – EV Drive, Hybrid Mode and Hold Mode. These will enable the driver to manually manage battery usage during a journey – though this can also be managed automatically by the car. 

EV Drive mode is engaged as soon as the car is switched on and maximises the electric driving experience, making it ideal for city driving and for shorter journeys.  

The Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Accelerator Pedal provides feedback to the driver using a pressure point to denote the boundary between pure electric and hybrid power. Using predictive data from the Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Navigation database, the pedal will vibrate when approaching a junction or speed limit decrease, advising the driver to lift off the throttle, saving energy whilst also giving the maximum opportunity for regeneration.  

Haptic feedback through the throttle pedal of the transition between the E Motor disengaging and the internal combustion engine starting encourages the driver to stay in EV Drive for as long as possible, maximising efficiency. In pure electric drive, the E Motor continues to function up to speeds of up to 135km/h. 

Hybrid Mode maximises vehicle efficiency and range using data from the intelligent navigation system.  

This mode is suited for longer journeys and uses predictive E-Mode and engine coasting whilfollowing directions from the navigation system. Inputting a destination, the car will automatically engage the correct Drive Mode for each part of the journey, constantly calculating the most efficient use of battery charge and storing electrical energy for sections of the journey where it is most useful – such as when arriving in the city. The system will reduce on-board charge to zero just as the vehicle reaches its destination, maximising overall efficiency. 

Hold Mode balances engine and electric power to hold high voltage battery charge for later use. This is the default mode when in Sport is to provide consistent boost and recuperation. 

The latest release of the My Bentley in-car and remote connected car services are available through the new Bentayga Hybrid. In-car services are now delivered through an embedded SIM, meaning they no longer require a data connection from a customer’s mobile device. 

Remote services - subject to regional availability - are accessible through the My Bentley app and are further improved, including the technology levels and range of features.  

The new Bentayga Hybrid builds upon the latest design and feature content offered by the newest iteration of the Bentayga product line. 

Adopting the new Bentley family DNA, the exterior of the new Bentayga has a more modern and purposeful look, and concurrently the interior has been re-imagined and now contains a modernised, unparalleled combination of luxury materials and exquisite, intricate craftsmanship. 

A next generation infotainment system is integrated seamlessly into the handcrafted, Bentley ‘wing’ dashboard design and features a 10.9-inch display screen with edge-to-edge graphics. The all-new digital display includes super high-resolution and dynamic graphics which are configurable to suit driver preferences. 

The latest hardware and software bring all-new navigation with satellite maps, online search, and other features. Wireless Apple CarPlay is standard for the first time, alongside the existing wired system, along with Android Auto. Rear seat occupants benefit from the introduction of a new, larger touchscreen remote control tablet, like that introduced in the all-new Flying Spur. 

Connectivity around the car has been significantly improved, with USB-C data ports and a wireless phone charger now standard. The new Bentayga range is now provided with an embedded SIM, as with the latest Continental GT models, meaning My Bentley connected car features no longer require customers to provide their own data connection. My Bentley in-car and remote services is a continually developing range of services available to customers through a dedicated app, available both on Apple iOS and Android mobile platforms. 

The Bentayga’s handcrafted cabin has been reimagined for the new model.  

Bentley designers have created an even more relaxing environment for passengers, wherever they travel. Among the major changes to Bentayga’s more contemporary interior are new door trims and steering wheel, plus a redesigned centre fascia and digital instrumentation cluster. These are complemented by new seats that further improve on the industry-recognised benchmark for seat comfort. 

The new Bentayga range also now has a fully digital driver’s information panel similar to the Continental GT and new Flying Spur. The display brings a contemporary look to the cockpit, can be customised to the driver’s requirements, and features real-time lighting effects with elegant animations. 

The standard Bentayga tachometer that displays engine speed is replaced with a dial showing when the car is operating in pure EV Drive, or engine speed if the combustion engine is operating for the Hybrid version. A battery status dial replaces the coolant temperature gauge. 

Setting new standards in the sector for customer technology interfaces, the new Bentayga introduced a new, cutting-edge infotainment system. A bigger and brighter, high-resolution 10.9-inch touchscreen, with an anti-reflection and anti-glare coating and much improved touch functionality, now spans the entire width of the centre fascia for a more contemporary look. 

The infotainment screen can display energy flow in each of the three E Modes, showing whether the vehicle is being powered by energy supplied by the battery, or the combustion engine – or whether energy is flowing back to the battery in order to charge it. 

The Bentley Hybrid Efficiency Navigation system features free text, context-specific search entry, including an address or point of interest. Navigation is improved with a three-dimensional building display, satellite maps, content in the driver’s next generation Head-Up Display and several other useful features. The Head-Up Display can now project traffic information, street names and distance to destination too. 

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