Porsche Unseen | What's Next?

For the "Unseen" series, Porsche has opened the gates to the development centre’s secret archives. In part four the Newsroom takes a look into the future.

When Porsche opened the gates to it's development centre's secret archives for the "Porsche Unseen" series, fans everywhere were in awe at the concepts that never made it to production.

Porsche Vision Turismo (2016) 

Status: hard model in scale 1:1

The basic idea: the shiny silver prototype was first developed as an experimental study of a super sports car with four doors and a rear engine. "But then we discovered that the idea could be implemented even better with a purely electric drive," Mauer recalls. So the Porsche Vision Turismo served as a blueprint for the development of the Porsche Taycan.

Porsche Vision "Racing Service" (2018) 

Status: hard model in scale 1:1

The basic idea: what might a Porsche for up to six people look like if a feeling of spaciousness was the goal? The design team answered this question with an unusual concept car: the Porsche Vision "racing service". The body of the car is designed from a single mould and forgets all conventions. In the cockpit, the driver sits in a single seat that takes up little space in the autonomous driving mode. In the rear, passengers feel like they’re in a comfortable and spacious lounge.

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