Harman Kardon x Kia

Add to the excitement of every journey with Harman Kardon in Kia.

Effortlessly impressive, this sound system is specially created to enhance the sense of natural exhilaration Kia drivers experience while riding in this fun and adventurous vehicle.


The rush of fresh air through your open window. And the unbridled freedom of the open road. Every moment feels a bit richer with Harman Kardon in the Kia Stinger. Fifteen high-performance speakers and 720-watt power deliver striking sound that emanates in all directions and immerses you completely




Discover new, breath-taking details in your favourite songs. Clari-Fi technology analyses digital audio files in real-time and brings them back to life, revealing the beautiful and delicate audio details that are often lost in digitally compressed music.

Quantum Logic

Quantum Logic

From the rumble of the bass to the trill of the trumpet, hear every note with incredible clarity. Patented QLS technology separates input sources, redistributing them into individual streams and speakers to create truly immersive surround sound.

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