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Tiger Coffee’s brand-new café-style showroom lets business owners sample great coffee, delivered in a manner that signifies the digitalised future of the humble coffee bean.

Much has changed in the hospitality industry since we started working with Tiger Coffee and covering their range of cutting-edge automated coffee machines.

The business case commercially for Tiger’s extremely advanced machines has always been optimisation and consistency. Mitigating the elements that – at best – introduce variables to the coffee a café or business serves its customers, or – at worst – erode your profit margins considerably.

Now, Covid-19 has introduced a new layer of complexity to hospitality and even as foot traffic returns to brick-and-mortar retailers, our tolerance for waiting in close proximity to others for a caffeine fix has changed, maybe forever. The simple act of streamlining coffee sales in a retail environment has become an important consideration for an industry needing to adapt to whatever the new normal eventually looks like.

Automated machines are now capable of delivering Barista-rivalling brews with unaltering consistency, cup-after-cup-after-cup. Sure, there’s less drama, it’s not an organic, fallible process requiring the deft touch of a skilled barista. But the end result is – and believe us on this – every bit as good as what your average bearded hipster is capable of producing. The beans are as freshly roasted, the micro-foamed milk is as silken, and the crema is as fragrant and caramelised as that delivered by your favourite café or roaster. On average, automation delivers more coffees per day and the ability for a business owner to accurately track and measure their consumables and highest-selling beverages.

The machines also alert the service team via the internet if there is an issue and the simple modular assembly means parts can be interchanged with minimal disruption to business. Tiger Coffee is understandably seeing more and more enquiry from retail, hospitality and large scale corporates in the Covid era and to best service these discerning business operators, they have developed a new showroom where their range of automated machines can be sampled.
The environment is more akin to the cafés and restaurants that use their equipment rather than a business-to-business industrial showroom and while the products they sell are all about optimisation, they invite clients to take their time.

“Our customers live and breathe by the experience they deliver their customers, it is currency to these businesses,” says Tiger Coffee’s Managing Director Sheona Kearney. “It is important that we too replicate a pleasant environment and great experience for these clients. We appreciate the automation of a beloved process represents a step-change for many businesses, but we know our machines deliver as rewarding coffee experiences as manual machines. “The productivity changes, the pleasure of enjoying a great coffee is the same and our new showroom reflects that. Anyone interested in our machines should feel free to come on in, have a discussion and enjoy some great coffee.”


If you are interested in what the world’s leading automated coffee machines can do for your business, book a one on-one consultation with Tiger Coffee.

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