Nanoleaf adds Hexagons light panel tech to colourful range

Nanoleaf’s array of brilliantly colourful, fully customisable light panels has expanded with the new Hexagons range.

Designed to energise any space, Nanoleaf modular light panels combine into different shapes to create stunning light mosaics.

Offering near-limitless creative opportunities, Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror tech creates an immersive movie watching or gaming experience, reflecting onscreen action in light activity on your walls, and in real-time. 

Nanoleaf’s array of creative light panel technology has grown again, with the introduction of new Hexagons to add all-new angles to abstract forms. 

Nanoleaf’s limitlessly customisable panels can be connected together in any desired layout, abstract form or favourite shapes. Thousands of different panel combinations can be explored and replicated with the Layout Assistant in the Nanoleaf App or the Design Inspirations library on the Nanoleaf website. 

With Connect+ technology in all Nanoleaf Shapes products, different shapes can also be combined into stunning light mosaics.  

For example, the Music Visualiser feature consists of a rhythm module which reacts to the soundtrack in a room in real time, sensing audio and transforming it into colour and light for stunning audio-visual displays. 

The light panels help set the mood of a room, with a palette consisting of literally millions of hues. Whether bursts of purple to help boost energy for a workout, or gentle warm white to read a book by, Nanoleaf technology brings with it the perfect ambience. 

Want even more interactivity? Nanoleaf’s Screen Mirror technology allows the user to select ‘Match’ mode in order to have on-screen activity (whether it be a sunset in a movie, or a snow-covered mountain pass in a console game title) reflected in the Nanoleaf light panels in the room, creating a fully immersive movie night or gaming session. 

Or, for something different again, Nanoleaf ‘Melt’ mode paints the most dominant colour from the TV screen and then gradually dissolves it into the next colour sequence. 

Nanoleaf Hexagons light panels retail from $369, and are available through Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, MightyApe, Noel Leeming and PB Tech. 

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