V8 adds performance edge to Bentley Flying Spur

Bentley’s four-door grand tourer has received the powerful option of the luxury carmaker’s 404kW V8 powertrain.

Bentley says the decision to add a V8 option to the Flying Spur was based on customer feedback, suggesting more driver involvement – and less rear seat-only patronage – was desired.

Boasting a pure performance edge, the Flying Spur V8 is capable of rocketing from standstill to 100km/h in 4.1 seconds, and has a top speed of 318km/h. 



The Bentley Flying Spur – hailed as “the best luxury sedan in the world” – is now available with Bentley’s renowned V8 powertrain, as an alternative to the iconic W12. 

Research from the last ten years shows a significant shift in the usage of the Flying Spur from chauffeur-driven owners to customers driving themselves with passengers accompanying them. 



Bentley says that global research (including two customer clinics in America and China) also demonstrated that over 40% of customers travel with rear seat passengers at least once a week. This data has been used to develop the latest iteration of the new four door grand tourer, focusing on the driver experience whilst retaining a cabin space that combines exquisite luxury with integrated latest-generation technology. 

The Flying Spur V8 offers a more driver-centric experience via increased agility and a more characterful engine note, whilbenefiting from increased range between fuel stops and a reduction in CO2 emissions. 


At the heart of the latest Flying Spur is Bentley’s 4.0-litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine, that produces a peak power of 404kW and uses twin-scroll turbos to reach its maximum torque of 770Nm at just under 2000rpm. 


To maximise fuel economy, the V8 can shut down four of its eight cylinders under light-load conditions, when torque demand is below 235Nm and engine speed is below 3000rpm. The change is imperceptible to the occupants – with deactivation times of around 20 milliseconds (a tenth of the time it takes to blink). 


The engine’s twin-scroll turbochargers are located inside the ‘V’ of the engine, minimising the distance the exhaust gases travel from the engine to the turbochargers, promoting rapid response and high–efficiency. The turbochargers store up boost pressure on light throttle openings, comparable to a dam and reservoir, so boost pressure is instantly available again when the throttle is opened wide, significantly improving throttle response and engine flexibility. 

The 90 degree “V” configuration and eight perfectly balanced cylinders give the engine its characteristic and unmistakable V8 engine sound and the impressive power output provides a 0-100km/h time of 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 318km/h. 

The Flying Spur V8 is 100kg lighter than the W12 version, making the vehicle feel more agile and responsive with a distinctive personality of its own. While still a grand tourer with limousine-like proportions, the V8 offers a dynamic difference on-road. 


The bold exterior design of the Flying Spur is based on a new and modern vision that is unmistakably Bentley. With a wheelbase lengthened by 130mm compared to the second-generation model, the new Flying Spur now has an increased road presence and stronger, more muscular lines that sweep the full length of the car. 

For the Flying Spur V8 there are seven Bentley paint colours to choose from as standard, which have been carefully selected to complement the character and lines of the car. Customers can also specify their vehicle from the additional extended paint range of over 60 colours, including Mulliner and personal commission.  

Standard exterior features of the new V8 model include a 20-inch, 10-spoke painted alloy wheel, a V8 wing badge and quad exhaust pipes, making a visual impact at the rear of the vehicle. 

The interior of the all-new Flying Spur V8 showcases Bentley’s expertise in creating a modern cabin of unrivalled luxury and innovation. Stylish and unique, it features supremely comfortable seats in five hide colours, with Bentley’s ‘Wing’ theme across the lower console and fascia. For additional choice, the Colour Specification option adds 10 further hide colours and two duo-tone interior configurations. 

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