Porsche 'Track Your Dream'

Porsche has added a new feature to its My Porsche app which allows buyers of custom-ordered 911 and 718 sportscars to follow their new vehicle through every step of the production and distribution process.

Currently available to Porsche customers in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and Canada, the manufacturer has plans to roll out the app feature to other markets in the coming months.

From initial assembly in Zuffenhausen, right through to shipping and delivery, the ‘Porsche Track Your Dream’ service connects new car owners with their forthcoming pride and joy before it has even arrived in their driveway. 

Because buying a Porsche is a big event for anyone, Porsche wanted to engage with its new customers even before they have taken delivery of their dream vehicle. 

Now, Porsche has launched a service that lets buyers track the build of their 911 or 718 from start to finish, remotely. 

The Porsche Track Your Dream’ service for the My Porsche app and online portal lets customers follow every step, from assembly at Porsche's Zuffenhausen, Germany, factory, to shipment and delivery. The service is only available for custom-ordered 718 and 911 models, but there are plans to add the all-electric Taycan to the roster as well. 

Porsche customers get a unique link once an order is placed. This link opens a web page that lets them track their cars through what Porsche calls 14 milestone events. These include order creation, freeze point for custom vehicle changes, production updates, the car’s departure from Germany, port entry to their home country and finally its arrival at the dealership. A countdown clock shows progress in miles and days. 

While the car is being built, customers can check on progress with feeds from cameras installed on assembly-line workstations. Cameras are already in place at two stations, with two more to follow, says Porsche. 

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