Defenders to the Rescue

Pair of 2020 Land Rover Defenders rescue stranded truck in Namib desert

Land Rover was able to spectacularly demonstrate the pulling power of the new Defender 110 models during a recent press drive when the media group stumbled upon a stranded truck in the desert.

According to Land Rover's release, the team was scouting out a video shoot location when they discovered the truck and trailer that had been sitting in the sand for the past three days.

Connected via snatch ropes, the two 110 models (a D240 SE and a P400 S) managed to pull the huge truck out of its sandy riverbed grave, greatly exceeding the 3,500kg towing capacity of each SUV.

What's more, the slippery sandy surface wasn't an issue for the Defenders, which made use of the complex al-wheel drive system to find grip throughout the hefty rescue ordeal. 

Damian Blackmore, a photographer on the Land Rover team, posted on Facebook about the rescue effort, saying: “International Rescue, New Defender style”

“The driver and his truck had been stuck in this dry riverbed for three days, miles from anywhere. What a car! What a team!”

Our very own David Linklater experienced the same Defender drive a few weeks after this occurred, so keep an eye out for his full test on the new off-roader. 

New Zealand deliveries of this new Defender are set to start in May this year, but could be delayed due to Coronavirus. Pricing starts just under $90,000 and the range-topping 110 P400 X will set you back $164,900.


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