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Audi builds its cutting-edge e-tron electric vehicle portfolio further, with the newly announced Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback, delivering dynamic driveability and energy efficiency in one premium package.

The new Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback introduce a world first in mass production: three electric motors mobilising up to 370kW of power and 973Nm of torque.

Featuring outstanding aerodynamics and a sporty, more aggressive demeanour, the e-tron S duo will arrive in New Zealand in late 2021. 

Audi is introducing sporty factor to its 100% electric e-tron range: an attribute which Kiwi drivers know and love. The new Audi e-tron S and Audi e-tron S Sportback will provide the perfect all-rounder EVs for the many different driving environments that New Zealand can conjure up. 

Underpinned with quattro all-wheel drive technology, the forthcoming Audi e-tron S and Audi e-tron S Sportback deliver dynamics in a new dimension. In S gear, they provide their full boost performance for eight seconds. That’s 370kW of power and 973Nm of torque, meaning that from standstill it takes the new model just 4.5 seconds to accelerate to 100km/h. 

The new S models have two electric motors on the rear axle and one on the front axle, making them the first mass-produced electric cars in the world to have three electric motors.  

An adapted design of the more powerful electric motor that powers the rear axle in the Audi e-tron 55 is now installed on the front axle in the e-tron S. The front electric motor from the e-tron 55 operates together with a structurally identical counterpart and individual modifications in the rear. 

With one battery charge, the Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback achieve ranges of up to 360km and 365km respectively in the WLTP cycle. 

In order to improve efficiency, only the rear electric motors are engaged when the Audi e-tron S and the e-tron S Sportback are operating in normal driving mode. The front electric motor springs into action when the driver demands more performance, or predictively before traction subsides. 

The e-tron’s electric quattro all-wheel drive is now enhanced with electric torque vectoring: this means that each of the rear electric motors sends the drive torque directly to the respective wheel via a single-speed transmission, dispensing with the need for a mechanical differential. 

The large high-voltage battery onboard ensures a balanced distribution of the axle loads and is installed in a low position comparable to that of the three electric motors. This lowers the car’s centre of gravity, which offers great advantages in terms of handling.  

The progressive steering, whose ratio becomes increasingly direct as the steering movement increases, emphasises the sporty character. The suspension system also has S-specific tuning, while the Audi Drive Select system offers seven driving profiles.  

Inside the cabin, the e-tron S models remain fully digital. All controls, infotainment, and assist systems are accessed through the digital MMI touch response control system consisting of two large central displays. On the third display – the Audi Virtual Cockpit – the driver can select a special e-tron screen that moves the electric drive to centre stage, while an optional head-up display complements the information relayed in the instrument binnacle. 

“With electric mobility and sustainability a big part of Audi’s future, it’s great to see Audi expanding its e-tron range with the addition of the S models,” said Audi New Zealand General Manager, Dean Sheed. 

“When it comes to Audi, quattro performance is expected and there is no doubt the Audi e-tron S and Audi e-tron S Sportback will not disappoint in delivering exhilarating performance and style all while leaving no footprint.” 

The Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback are expected to land in New Zealand in late 2021. Pricing and local specification details will be released early next year. 

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