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Finance, Insurance and Warranties

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Now that you’ve found the car of your dreams, you need to know how to make ends meet without hurting your back pocket beyond what is affordable. The Giltrap Group is a company that love to see kiwis reach their goals and aspirations, so we are committed to helping with that. Our Giltrap dealer finance teams (including special division/company European Financial Services) are here to help you reach your goals faster by offering lease plans, vehicle loans and more. If we can’t offer the appropriate solution, we’ll steer you in the right direction with our business partners.



Should anything happen to your pride and joy, it’s important to know that you can be covered – whatever the damage, situation, or cause. It’s safe to say that around the city or even on suburban or rural roads, anything can happen. Considering this, we offer a number of insurance options and can also provide recommendations to help you find the right package to suit your needs with our various business partners.


Warranties & Mechanical Insurance

Warranties are incredibly important in any purchase, particularly something as important as your car – you need to rely on it. If something fails, you need to know what it’s going to cost you. Thankfully, our manufacturers are so confident that across the Giltrap Group, our new vehicles come with a 3-5 year standard warranty period, and options to extend or have further coverage – should you want to keep your vehicle for longer, or you use your vehicle in ways that are outside of standard practice. So, if there are any manufacturing related issues with your vehicle in that 3-5 year period, we’ll fix it for free.

It doesn't end there; for the most part, our various brands anddealers also offer roadside assistance. So, if it’s a breakdown, flat tyre, accident or you forgot to top up with fuel, we’ll be there to help – we’re your car people.

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