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With over 40 years knowledge and award-winning experience within the industry, the Giltrap Group now extends its retail operations across 13 brands in the sport, luxury, passenger and commercial markets, spanned across 10 dealerships based in Grey Lynn, Newmarket and Wairau Valley.

An extension of the Group includes the distributorship of McLaren, Aston Martin, Bentley and Lamborghini, while European Motor Distributors, an additional extension, act as national distributors for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche and Skoda, all acting as a separate entity.

The Giltrap Group specialises in multiple areas of motoring including Used & New vehicles, trade-ins, fleet sales, finance and insurance, and vehicle servicing (using factory-trained technicians, factory diagnostics and genuine parts).

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Working for the Giltrap Group

Welcome to a family-owned company that is proud to acknowledge its heritage, dating back to the 1960s. As you will see in the History section of this website, Sir Colin Giltrap originally started with one dealership in Matamata, and today the Giltrap Group is the largest automotive retail group in New Zealand, now with over 500 staff.

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The Giltrap Group is proud of the history, kiwi roots, and the core values in which we represent. Being a family owned business, we as a company and individually deliver a “hands on” personal service. This personal service begins with being approachable, relatable, passionate and understanding - a key aspect of our company culture. It doesn’t stop there though, with a commitment to the strong internal Vision and Values, all of our staff aim to delight every customer they come into contact with – this includes every department of every company within the Group - outlining an extra effort from grooming, to sales, and to service- thrilling our customers with the very best service.

As you can see, it’s ultimately our people, who they are and what they do that shape who we are as a company. It’s also how our staff are treated and treat each other that reflects the way we engage with our customers. The fact that we have had people work for us for over 15 years says something – either there’s something in the water, or we’re doing something right. Whether they’ve been with us for 15 years or 6 months, each have their unique attributes unified by one goal, one mission, one vision, one culture.

Like Sir Colin they love cars and know it’s how and where they go that matters.

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As a group composed of a number of companies and 500 staff, and considering the growth we’re experiencing, there’s usually a number opportunities throughout the year to take on new people. Depending on your skill set, qualifications and where your passions lie, these opportunities can span across our national brands, dealers, head office and finance companies in various roles.



Whilst the primary focus of the Giltrap Group resides in motoring, an integral and historical aspect of the company, particularly through Sir Colin, is the strong involvement and contribution to the Auckland community through various sponsorships, partnerships and charitable donations.



The second integral part to the reputation and history of the group is its involvement in NZ motorsport –particularly the fostering of many well-renowned drivers. It is through motorsport that we ignite the passion of New Zealand motorists by inspiring more people than anyone.

Companies & Dealerships


Giltrap Group Holdings

Responsible for management of all aspects of the retail group including sales, service, marketing, accounting and finance and property management; as well as senior management of national brands.



Umbrella company for Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and Porsche NewZealand, responsible for importation and distribution, dealer network support and management.


Giltrap IT Services

Encompassing information technology servicing and support across all Giltrap Group retail sites including EMD, and contracting to other Auckland automotive companies.



Providing vehicle purchase financial services across all Giltrap Group retail dealerships and national brands, with a specialisation in the European automotive market.


Giltrap Prestige

Umbrella dealership and company for Giltrap Volkswagen, Bentley Auckland and Giltrap Porsche.

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Independent Prestige

Auckland based national distributor and showroom / dealership for Aston Martin and Lamborghini.

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Giltrap Audi

Auckland's largest Audi dealership encompassing all operations from sales and service to administration.


Lexus of Auckland City

The premiere Lexus dealerships in the Auckland area. Covering all operations, Lexus of Auckland City services the Auckland Central Area.

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McLaren Auckland

Auckland based importer and national distributor and showroom for McLaren Automotive. The 50th global McLaren dealership.

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Giltrap North Shore

Based in the Wairau Valley, Giltrap Northshore sells and services both new and used Holden and Kia models.

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Schofields of Newmarket

Umbrella company and dealership for Schofield Holden, Schofield HSV, Giltrap Skoda and Giltrap Nissan. encompassing all operations from sales to service.


Giltrap Botany

Mobile service centre for Volkswagen for the convenience of owners based in East Auckland.


Ever wondered what departments and roles are instrumental in the operations of our company, and more specifically how they tick? Below you'll discover highlights of each.

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Our sales teams are our key people on the ground, they live and breathe our company culture and are the relationship builders with customers – these people are some of the most important in our company.



Our service teams are the people our customers see the most often of the time they own their vehicle. Their role is crucial to customer satisfaction and ensuring that any work carried out on someone pride and joy is expedited well. This is the true engine room of any automotive company and often features some of the most qualified people in our dealerships. All of our technicians are factory trained, know what to do, what to look for, how to fix and what with. As you can appreciate, our vehicles are often technical and complicated. Hence we need the highest quality individuals to carry out this work.


Parts & Acccessories

One of the reasons our cars perform well for so long is the quality of our genuine parts (and the people who sell them). The parts department varies in activity; from making deliveries and unpacking, to interpreting requests from our technicians, service departments, sales teams and customers. These specialists have a good eye for detail and know how to put together a puzzle.



Most dealers have a dedicated grooming facility featuring some of the true artisans of the business – these specialists understand how your car should retain that showroom shine, how to deal with different surfaces and how to restore it to its former glory. They also know which specialist products and tools work the best in varying situations to produce the best result.


Finance & Insurance

Our F&I teams provide the backing to help our dealers do what they do best – and help our customers buy the vehicles they love and aspire to have.



Administration is all about keeping the business running smoothly. Depending on the size of the business, there are many different aspects involved; from running the office to running a department or dealership. This includes administration, marketing, strategic planning, business development, accounts and more.


Customer Relationship Management

The CRM team work hard as relationship ambassadors for the company. They often bridge the gap between sales and service departments and our customers. It is their role to make sure all our records up-to-date, ensure customers are booked in for sales and service appointments, to check on how customers are enjoying their car, and keep clients up to date with what's happening in and around the company.



Our various managers and management teams monitor and provide support and direction to staff to ensure that our business operate smoothly, efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, the Giltrap way – keeping our vision, values and mission at the top of mind. It’s their job to keep the finger of the pulse of the business and work with others to provide our staff with the tools, facilities and strategy to help reach our business objectives, and ensure that our customer relationships are actively maintained and nurtured.