Ever wondered what departments and roles are instrumental in the operations of our company, and more specifically how they tick, and even whether it’s for you? See below for more information.

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Our sales teams are our key people on the ground, they live and breathe our company culture and are the relationship builders with customers – these people are some of the most important in our company.

Work hard, have fun, get the rewards.

Working in sales is definitely hard work, but there’s plenty of flexibility and the opportunity to earn big money. Because all sorts of people buy our vehicles, we're looking for all sorts of people to join our team. With an environment that's supportive and encouraging with plenty of professional development, you'll soon get up to speed.

What are the hours like?

If you’re looking for a role that is simply 9 to 5, sales may not suit you. Weekends and evenings can be busy because that’s when your customers are ready and keen to talk to you. The positive is, you’re rarely stuck at a desk all day, you’re meeting new people, preparing cars and deals, on the phone and even taking photos for the cars we have online.

What kind of people do you look for?

If you’re career-minded, self-motivated, have enthusiasm and drive and know how to build relationships, you’re the kind of person we’d love to talk to! All kinds of people buy from the Giltrap Group because we sell all kinds or vehicle types and brands, it takes all sorts of people to sell them.

Do I need experience?

If you have what it takes, we’ll work with you to get you up to scratch. It can take a while to build up a customer base and key skills, but you’ll be sure to get the support you need. Previous customer service, retail or sales experience is preferred but not essential.

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Our service teams are the people our customers see the most often of the time they own their vehicle. Their role is crucial to customer satisfaction and ensuring that any work carried out on someone pride and joy is expedited well. Not only that, but they also ensure that our customers cars are cleaned before pick up and that while they don’t have a car, a customer has a courtesy car. They’ll even arrange for someone to drive the customer to their next appointment after the drop their car in.

Service is an area where you look after the entire customer journey as they have their cars serviced or repaired. It involves problem-solving, an ability to think on your feet, being organised and having a bit of charm on the way through. It's all about being the bridge between our qualified technicians and our customers.

Do I need any qualifications to get started?

This varies from one role to the next. As a Service Manager, you’ll need to be a qualified Automotive Technician but for all other service-based roles, you’ll need relevant experience but not necessarily formal qualifications.

What kind of people do you look for?

It’s essential to have a passion for serving people – we need someone who loves working with processes and is meticulous about detail. Roles within the department vary but an ability to multi-task, converse with customers and get the job done are key.

Do I need experience?

Being a service department, the focus is 100% on customers, so having customer service experience is a big advantage. Depending on the role, you may also need either hands-on mechanical experience or a working knowledge of how a similar company works.

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This is the true engine room of any dealership and often features some of the most qualified people in our dealerships. All of our technicians are factory trained, know what to do, what to look for, how to fix and what with. As you can appreciate, our vehicles are often technical and complicated. Hence, we need the highest quality individuals to carry out this work.

Here is your chance to grow as a Technician, working with quality brands with factory training. We promote from within and have a clear path to advance your skills and career. The Giltrap values truly drive the workshop, particularly being the best in what we do and unifying as one team, after all, although you may be working on one car at a time, you rely on the team to make sure the workshop operates smoothly.

Where can a career as a Technician take me?

Whether you come in as an Apprentice or already have experience under your belt, a workshop career can take you anywhere in the industry. We often have examples of technicians progressing to more senior roles both within the service department and in the broader business – head office or dealer management.

What kind of people do you look for?

We look for people who are serious about improving their skills, pushing themselves to develop and ultimately, advancing their career. We also look for people who can embrace and deliver an exceptional service experience to our customers. Most importantly, we look for people who live and breathe our company values and are meticulous in their work.

Do I need experience?

Our technicians need be trade qualified, but will also receive factory training as part of the role – as we need to assure our customers we know what we’re doing, what we’re looking for, how to fix it, and the correct tools to fix this. You’ll also need to show us on your record that you’re hard working and have a passion for motor vehicles.

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Most dealers have a dedicated grooming facility featuring some of the true artisans of the business – these specialists understand how your car should retain that showroom shine, how to deal with different surfaces and how to restore it to its former glory. They also know which specialist products and tools work the best in varying situations to produce the best result. Much passion and care is exuded in the grooming department – with no detail unnoticed or attended to – depending on the level of groom you get (this were the true passion and appreciation for vehicles exist). Our groomers also specialise in applying paint protection systems, as well as upholstery protectants.

Our grooming departments are often busy and operate from the early morning to keep up with demand – whether it is preparing new stock for the showroom, washing and vacuuming service vehicles or appointments.

Where can a career in grooming take me?

Grooming helps develop and facilitate a number of key skill sets for any individual, including team work, customer relations, product and vehicle knowledge, strong work ethic, time management, an eye for detail and perfectionism. Grooming is often a role that provides a stepping stone in other aspects of our business from sales to administration / operations. It also provides staff with the know-how to take their grooming career to the next level – whether it product based, working with high-end vehicles or even establishing your own business.

What kind of people do you look for?

We look for keen individuals who are efficient, have a positive attitude and outlook, team players, have strong communication skills, are good with tools of the trade, and most importantly take care and pride in what they do, but also have an eye for detail.

Do I need experience?

Groomers don't need to be qualified, but experience in the area is preferable, along with a strong work ethic and passion for motor vehicles.

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It’s about keeping the business on the right track. Operations is all about keeping the business running smoothly. Depending on the size of the business, your role in operations could see you doing anything from running the office to running a department or dealership. This includes administration, marketing, strategic planning, business development, accounts and more.

Where can a career in administration take me?

Being in an operational role gives you an overview of the business as a whole and the ability to connect with all departments. You’ll get an understanding of, and contribute to what’s required to make the business successful. If you’re keen to be involved in strategy, finance, leading people and you’ve grasped the concept of how the business works, you could progress to a Department Manager and then ultimately General Manager or Dealer Principal.

What kind of people do you look for?

Having a financial and customer-oriented retail background, and some experience with sales, marketing and accounting definitely helps. Being able to read and understand financial reports, business plans, and marketing strategy will be highly valuable to help identify areas of strength and weakness of a department.

Do I need experience?

Work experience in a dealership or another fast-paced business is ideal, along with a formal qualification to show us that you could be the right person for the role. If you’ve got what it takes though, we’ll help you understand our business and get up to speed.

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Our financial services team provide the backing to help our dealers do what they do best – and help our customers buy the vehicles they love and aspire to have.

Where can a career in finance take me?

Working with a team operating under one of the most unique groups in New Zealand can provide you with the means to take on any challenge. Our size, combined with the fact we promote from within means your career with the Giltrap Group could take you anywhere from finance to operations, accounting, sales, information services or marketing.

What kind of people do you look for?

Our team is built around people who genuinely enjoy achieving results and live by the Giltrap Groups values of model, care, delight and unity. We look for those that have a “can-do” attitude, are a team player and see work as a place to have fun with overcoming challenges. We also look for people with attention to detail, who can identify and understand patterns and trends and have to ability to solve problems.

Do I need experience?

This is role dependent. While it’s not a pre-requisite across the board, a background within the banking/finance sector along with a business qualification (preferably accounting, economics or finance) would be an advantage in many, but not all roles.

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Management and Head Office

Our head office is the hub that monitors and provides support and direction to ensure that all our business operate smoothly, efficiently and effectively, and most importantly, the Giltrap way – keeping our vision, values and mission at the top of mind. It’s the head office’s job to keep their finger on the pulse of the business and work with our dealer general managers and department managers to provide our staff with the tools, facilities and strategy to help reach our business objectives, and ensure that our customer relationships are actively maintained and nurtured.

Although this is a leadership-oriented department, operational roles are crucial to provide our dealers and manager with support that is needed – from accounts, IT, property / business development, and executive assistance. Although Giltrap Group Holdings primarily are responsible for retail operations, the other aspect of our head office is the wholesale arm - European Motor Distributors who manage the Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Porsche national dealer networks.

Where can a career in Head Office take me?

Your career with us could take you in any direction, as we are a multi-brand / faceted company, your skills and attributes may be required in another area, even internationally working for our distributors. Due to our company size and unique operation, Head Office is often a fast-paced, varied and challenging environment that sharpens you as an individual – it’s the old cliché of ‘no day is the same’. If you decide to take your career elsewhere, this experience will provide you with the credentials and experience for you to go anywhere.

What kind of people do you look for?

We look for people with special characteristics first, then skills second. We look for people that truly resonate with and represent our company vision, values and mission, after all, this is about leadership and support. We also look for people with a passion for people and a passion for motoring. Being able to read and understand financial reports, business plans, and marketing strategy will be highly valuable to help identify areas of strength and weakness of a department.

Do I need experience?

Working in a dealership or another fast-paced business is ideal, along with a formal qualification relevant to your specialisation show us that you could be the right person for the role. Being able to read and understand financial reports, business plans, and marketing strategy will be highly valuable to help identify areas of strength and weakness of our business.