Welcome to Cafe 66

Cafe 66 banner logo.jpg

Get your fix of Caffeine and Horsepower all in one place.

We make no effort to hide our love of cars…and we know we’re not alone, so we’ve decided to have a regular together to share this passion. We’re calling it Café 66, and you’re invited.

We’ll make sure to bring some of our most stunning machines…but we want your cool car there too. The event will be open for public viewing also.

Café 66 will be at an awesome Downtown location which will be revealed soon, but most importantly we want you to make sure your calendar is clear.

Time: 9am - 12noon

Date: Sunday, 31st of March

Registrations are now closed, and spaces are full.

Further details will be provided – including the location for Café 66 - on 20th March.