It all began in the 1960s when a young, car mad Colin Giltrap co-founded Hamilton luxury car dealership, Monaco Motors.

In the late 60s, Colin expanded his interests by buying Matamata Motors and then Coutts of Great North Road in Auckland. Colin has turned his passion for cars into a portfolio of automobile businesses both here and overseas.

While Sir Colin continues his interest in the business of motor racing, sons Michael and Richard have overall management of the group. They have carried the culture that Sir Colin has created - carrying the family love of cars, people, motorsport and the local community. Today the Giltrap Group is one of the strongest motor vehicle groups in New Zealand.

Colin Giltrap founded Hamilton luxury car dealership: Monaco Motors.

Colin Giltrap expands the business - buying Matamata Motors.

Colin Giltrap buys a company called P Coutts and Co a dealership- the distributor and retailer of Daimler, and retailer of Triumph and Rover. This was later renamed Coutts Cars.

Mazda Dealership set up at 444 Great North Road, a dealership that also sold Audi.

Colin Giltrap acquires the distributor right to Porsche in New Zealand.

European Motor Distributors Limited is formed. This acquires distributorship rights for Volkswagen and later on Audi.


European Motor Distributors

Acquisition of Schofields of Newmarket - a major public company.

Coutts Cars becomes a standalone BMW dealership: Coutts BMW at 150 Great North Road, with Giltrap North Shore, also hosting BMW

Audi, VW Porsche, Rolls Royce and Bentley move to 101 Great North Road, under a new dealership called "Giltrap Prestige". This dealership also retailed GM products and later on Nissan.

A 50% ownership of Archibald & Shorter in Greenlane, Auckland - a Jaguar dealership - on a Joint Venture basis.

Giltrap BMW 1982 1985

Acquisition of a Toyota franchise for Auckland City. Giltrap City Toyota located at 101 Great North Road

Colin Giltrap becomes the Mercedes-Benz distributor for NZ, relinquishing the right to have both BMW dealerships- City and North Shore. Therefore Coutts BMW changes to Coutts Mercedes-Benz and moves to new premises in Newmarket

An additional showroom was built at 100 Great North Road- a purpose-built prestige dealership, and Giltrap Motor Group is renamed as Giltrap Prestige.

Coutts Mercedes Benz 1989

Giltrap Prestige becomes the only Aston Martin dealership for New Zealand.

The Giltrap Group acquires the distributor rights to Skoda in New Zealand.

Aston Martin Vantage 1993 - 1996

Giltrap Prestige outgrows the building at 150 and creates a new purpose-built building with dedicated showrooms for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche at 100 Great North Road. This is now also the new location for European Motor Distributors.

Giltrap Volkswagen 2011

Giltrap Prestige becomes the only Lamborghini dealership for New Zealand.

Giltrap Prestige separates its six luxury brands, and Independent Prestige is formed, hosting Bentley, Lamborghini and Aston Martin at 150 Great North Road. Giltrap Prestige stays at 100 Great North Road with Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche.

Coutts Mercedes-Benz and North Shore Mercedes-Benz are sold to the Ingham Group.

Giltrap North Shore acquires the Kia franchise. Schofields of Newmarket acquires the Nissan franchise.


Lexus of Auckland City is split from Giltrap City Toyota and moves to its own purpose-built facility at 29 Great North Road.

Independent Prestige moves to 120 Great North Road.

With Audi New Zealand expanding beyond expectations, the Giltrap Group decided to construct a new Audi Terminal at the old Independent Prestige site - 150 Great North Road. This was officially opened on July 15th, 2011.

Audi moves out of Giltrap Prestige and becomes a standalone dealership known as Giltrap Audi.

European Motor Distributors open a distributing centre in a purpose-built facility at the Airport Oaks.

Sir Colin Giltrap received New Year's Honours as he was made a Knights Companion of the Order of New Zealand of Merit for his services to motorsport and philanthropy.

Nissan moves out of Schofields of Newmarket and establishes its own showroom further down Great South Road, known as Giltrap Nissan.

McLaren Auckland opens marking a historic return to New Zealand - the dealership also marked McLaren's 50th dealership on its 50th anniversary.

Giltrap City Toyota is sold after many years of being part of the Giltrap family.

The Giltrap Group become 100% owners of Archibald & Shorter (Auckland) and Roverland (North Shore). Both dealerships retail Land Rover, Volvo and Jaguar. Roverland is renamed to Archibald & Shorter North Shore.

The Giltrap Group acquires the distributor rights to SEAT in New Zealand

Mclaren Auckland Opening 2013

Aston Martin, Lamborghini and Bentley move into a new bespoke premises - 119GNR, along with Giltrap Group Head Office.

SEAT New Zealand open their first dealership in Newmarket, SEAT Store.

SIXT car rental and subscription service launches.

Polestar and Lotus become part of the Giltrap Group.